Since I am now super-charged with the inspiration of my spiritual ancestors, I think this will be (in addition to future posts) the perfect time to let my demons out and start with my seven deadly sins. First up is my pride -

1. I am a very money-conscious, possibly to a fault. Why spend an extra dollar for convenience when you can just do it yourself? I may seem like a penny-pincher to others, but that is something I can deal with if I am able to keep up my everyday living.

2. I feel like I have a unique sense of humor (like everyone else in the world). Jokes that are too corny go full circle in my mind and become funny just because they were so obviously unfunny.

3. Piggy-backing off of #2, I have an love for puns and word-play, which I try to take part in every chance I can. I feel I have a knack for mixing and compounding words, which create mildly funny jokes in-and-of-themselves. I take pride in my ability to take two entirely separate words and create a new word combining them.

4. I am able to grow a beard or mustache purely by accident. While some trim and groom themselves to have whatever facial hair catches their fancy, I am able (due to superior genetics - ex: my father’s and grandfather’s gloriously manly mustaches) to have a perfectly blank slate of ample canvas where I can create whatever masterpiece I feel I should display on my face. No single type of style or cut is out of my face’s reach when it comes to how I want to portray myself, be it Charlie Chaplin or Action Hank.

5. I am fashion-savvy. While in my mind it is a no-brainer that if I have a green button up shirt, the shirt under it should be green or some other corresponding color, I have gotten quite a few compliments on my ability to color-coordinate my wardrobe. It’s not that I want to look good, which I do, it’s just that it makes sense that if you are going to wear something that you are identified by, it should correspond with everything else you have. This may be a product of me growing up watching TV and seeing that in the main cast of characters in any given show, they have a set scheme in which they are dressed.

6. I have an active imagination. It is one thing to day dream, and it is a completely different thing to plan and compile ideas into a whole new world in which these new ideas exist, with their own rules and such governing them, completely separate from reality. This is more than likely another product of my own personal upbringing - having chosen to write and share my ideas with my peers of the time period, I embraced the idea of a fiction world in which anything was possible, as long as you were able to imagine it and convey it to an audience, no matter how limited it was.

7. I am an eternal optimist. No matter how bad the situation, despite how much I may bitch about it, I will always seek and find the silver lining of any given scenario. I may dislike my current situation, and I may lament my past mistakes, but as long as I know and understand that there are more good things than bad in the world, evident by the fact that there is still a human-race to begin with, I can at least see the hope in the future, even if by the random chance of the universe that I may or may not be a part of it.