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It’s alright Romney, he’ll have another four years to get it done. Don’t worry.


Beauty and the Beat -

There are times when you’re roving the Internet through whatever channels you commonly use and you come across such a thing, while in an inebriated stupor, that you question whether or not you’ll see or find the same sort of thing the next morning. Okrrrrrrrrrrr?

Photo Set

Master salesman. He could sell brass knuckles to Ghandi.

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Artie, the strongest man in the world. I too am empowered by the song Love Roller coaster. I recall in one episode, he moved an entire house by 1 inch in order to prank an evildoer into trying to insert he key in the wrong way. Truly, a hero for the people.


Currently working on a new Youtube channel in which I make meals at a low cost for my fellow bachelors. It’ll contain easy to make meals that cost under 5$ and can last for leftovers for a lunch the next day. I feel as though I may be riding the coattails of EpicMealTime and Mydrunkkitchen, but Youtube cooking channels are always fun to watch, and I feel as though my abilties as a cheap chef might be helpful to those that aren’t that great at cooking, but can’t afford to eat out every day. It will be a little different than those two channels because I will be going over the costs of the meal as well as what ingredients are needed to make it. Usually the ingredients are very cheap or even comprised of things that are found in your fridge or pantry already. As we low-income and single male, my dinners are usually easy to make and have a low cost to them.

After I finish shooting the video and editing it, I will make a Youtube user to upload the video and start a weekly series for it. This week I’m making a pasta meal that costs less than $3 to make that is very delicious and very easy to make.


X’amd’s opening theme. Pretty great song for an anime opening.


Live-action Portal. I came buckets!


If you trip over, I’ll catch your fall.
If you kick my dick, I won’t break your balls.
If you get drunk and vomit on me,
I’ll make sure you get home safely

If you cross the road and a drunk struck you,
I’d scrape you up and reconstruct you.
I’ll cheer you up, if you’re depressed.
If you get murdered, I’ll avenge your death.


Tenacious D vs Beelzeboss, a rock-off that could shake even the heavens.