Me - “I feel as though I am having an existential crisis from looking too deep within myself - this may or may not be a good route to take.”

Jt - “Man, second person in two days! Well, you gotta do it to see how far you can go. However, stepping into that unknown, looking into that kind of depth. Just make sure to have an anchor!”

Reality isn’t a slipping concept, that is the job of the unknown. With each day, more and more is exposed to us and more is understood. Through that learning, however, we see more of which we don’t understand and we begin to then question that. In finding out the secrets behind that, there is still more we don’t understand that had to do with the previous unknown. Our understanding of life continues in a one-step-foward-and-two-steps-back fashion always.

I’m glad I have come to know such people that are able to either remind me of that idea, or reinforce the thought that as long as I continue on whatever path I chose, I made the right decision because it is what I believed I should have done.

In two days? A lot can happen in two days, and it holds an impossibly huge reality in my mind - one in which only a few people know of.